Dead Bodies FOUND – Bernie Sanders Panicking…

Dead bodies have been discovered, and Bernie Sanders is panicking. The U.S. senator and presidential candidate has no idea what to do. Is his campaign for the White House about to go up in flames?

Sanders, who has been vocal in his support of Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro, will be forced to respond to a new report from the United Nations detailing the atrocities committed by his regime. Thousands have been murdered in cold blood.

Specifically, Maduro’s special forces have reportedly carried out “extrajudicial executions by security forces in the context of security operations conducted in poor neighbourhoods,” which is ironic, considering Sanders’ claims to support the poor.

The report continued in shocking detail, documenting over 5,000 murders by government forces during political upheaval in the country. There were even instances in which they “manipulated the crime scene and evidence.”

“They would plant arms and drugs and fire their weapons against the walls or in the air to suggest a confrontation and to show the victim had ‘resisted authority,'” read the report. Is that what Sanders means by ‘peace’ and ‘love’?

In stark contrast, President Trump has vocally called out Maduro. He has even recognized Maduro’s opponent as the rightful president of Venezuela. “I am officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela,” he said back in January.

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