BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Linked To Dark Money Scheme – Voters Shocked…

Dark money is a really clever way for the snakes in the American government to keep their financials almost completely hidden or to get around campaign spending limits.

In Nancy Pelosi’s case, it’s almost certain that both things are true.

Nancy Pelosi has aligned herself with a dark money nonprofit called “House Majority Forward” and then solicits donations from others through that organization without having to disclose who helped her get elected.

What this means is that any money House Majority Forward spends is probably going to go toward greasing the palms of the people that will get Nancy Pelosi elected.

And where does “House Majority Forward” get its money from?

Mostly from a Swiss billionaire.

That means when Pelosi gets elected, she’s owes not the American people for putting her there, but a Swiss billionaire.

Nobody except Nancy Pelosi could ever spin that as a good thing for America.

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