BREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Goes NUCLEAR On Taliban – Biden Shocked

On August 23, the Taliban announced to the world that it would accept absolutely no compromise and INSISTED all troops must be withdrawn from Afghanistan by August 31.

A few hours later, Dan Crenshaw told the terrorists where to stick their demands.

Note that he also called them what they are, dirty savage terrorists.

Joe Biden practically refers to them as “Sir.”

Isn’t it incredible how much a little bit of backbone would go for supporting America’s morale? Instead we’ve got a limp-wristed trout of a president in the White House, who has agreed to give the terrorists EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT and withdraw all troops this month.

I’m sick of Biden. It’s time we had a REAL leader in the White House.

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8 Responses

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    1. Absolutely!!!!! He lost an eye serving and fighting for this country. A good man & he stated it correctly!!!!! We need more “MEN” & women who stood with this country, saw friends and buddies lose their lives; many of them were damaged for life. Their far stronger than that demented “so called” President of this country. What a weakling!!!!!!!! Threats from Taliban & he runs with his tail between his legs!!!! That is definitely not the American Way!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I say drop a ROD OF GOD…! There will be sad casualties but for the good of the whole world!!
    Hillary was never held responsible for Benghazi!!!!!

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