BREAKING: Cuomo Escape Bombshell Stuns Nation – Investigation Is…

Ron Kim is a Democrat, but to his credit, the New York man has also been very, very critical of the world’s slimiest governor, Andrew Cuomo.

At least recently.

On August 12, Assemblyman Kim pointed out to America that there is a disturbing trend of Cuomo using his personal ties to the White House to avoid accountability. It’s happened again and again.

Kim says without the White House holding Cuomo responsible for ALL of his actions, the people who lost loved ones in Cuomo’s nursing home massacre will never see justice.

He went on to say that a federal investigation of Cuomo needs to be resumed, claiming that “There is a pattern here of Cuomo using his personal ties to the White House to dodge accountability. Ronan Farrow did another big report a couple of days ago about how he did the same thing with Obama…if there’s a pattern that’s going on, right now, Joe Biden now has a national responsibility, an ethical duty to see this through, to make sure that the people, the thousands of people who lost their loved ones due to Cuomo’s poor judgment and mishandling get their justice very soon.”

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