Cruz Stuns Texans – Shock Gun Control Decision

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just stunned his fellow Texas. He made a shocking gun control decision, and people can’t believe it. He is turning heads nationwide.

Appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week’ program, Cruz said that not a single bill floated by Democrats would have prevented the recent shootings in Texas and other states. You could hear a pin drop when he uttered this proclamation.

Cruz said, “And this is where I get frustrated with Democratic politicians in Washington. Because the proposals they’re putting forward would not have stopped a single one of these mass murders.”

Democrats likely know this to be true as well, unless they have deluded even themselves. They are so hellbent on destroying the Second Amendment that any proposal sounds like a good one to them.

However, Americans won’t stand for it. We cherish our constitutional rights. Gun-grabbers in DC won’t be able to gut the Constitution under false pretenses; they will suffer electoral defeat as a result.

Cruz also asked exactly the right question. “Now, the question is: What do we need to do that actually works?” he asked. The Texas senator then noted that his legislation with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) should be considered.

See the full story here.

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