Crushing Blow To Nancy Pelosi… This Is It

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Americans to believe that weak border security poses no threat. However, our nation’s enemies say otherwise.

A text message intercepted from a member of the notorious MS-13 gang has revealed that dangerous criminals are using children as a legal loophole to enter U.S. soil.

During testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Border Patrol official Rodolfo Karisch read the text message, which he said came from a gang member in a “fraudulent family unit.”

“You should see the amount of Hondurans that are traveling with a child,” the text said.

“The word is getting out. If you are part of a family, if you bring a child, you will be released.'”

While the left rails against ICE for separating children from adults at the border, the reality is that agents face a massive child-trafficking problem, some of which is intended specifically to thwart U.S. immigration enforcement.

Watch Karisch’s testimony here.

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