Criminal Notice – James Comey Has Been…

Former FBI Director James Comey is in hot water. A criminal notice was just issued, and he has been completely exposed. It is time for justice to be served.

Jason Chafetz, who retired as a Utah congressman in 2017, sat down with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer to discuss Comey. Chafetz noted that “Director Comey was so self-righteous in telling the world that he didn’t leak,” but the truth tells another story.

He said that there’s a problem “when the FBI goes to your home and gets memos, that reveal, evidently — we have to see if this is true — confidential and classified information.” Chafetz couldn’t be more right.

In fact, the allegations against Comey sound similar to what put Hillary Clinton in legal trouble. Keeping classified information in a private, unsecure setting is against the law, yet Comey allegedly did the very same thing.

Perhaps this is why he never ended up referring Clinton for prosecution by the Department of Justice — because he was guilty of committing a similar crime and didn’t want to set a precedent that would get him in trouble.

“He [Comey] explained to me you cannot summarize classified information, put it in your own handwriting, and then hold onto it personally. That’s why he was pursuing Hillary Clinton, but it appears he did the very same thing himself,” said Chafetz.

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