Criminal News for Hillary – Finally.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking the next step in a process that could end in the appointment of a special prosecutor — this time, for Hillary Clinton. On Monday, he directed prosecutors to begin an investigation of the Uranium One scandal as well as Clinton’s email debacle.

My question for them is, “What took so long?” Hillary’s list of scandals is literally too long for one email. But starting with Uranium One and her “bathroom servers” is a good beginning. Her free pass may finally be up and it couldn’t happen to a more corrupt person. Good riddance. (Read More…)

Ted Cruz withdraws support from Roy Moore campaign.

Ted Cruz is taking a stand in the ongoing Roy Moore saga. After a fifth accuser came forward Monday, Cruz pulled his support for Moore, and noted that the allegations, if true, warrant criminal prosecution.

Senator Cory Gardner, chairman of the Senate’s GOP campaign arm, has also stated that the Senate should expel Moore if he wins the upcoming election.

Moore’s blustering and evasive responses to the allegations haven’t been convincing, which makes it hard for any Republican to defend him. He could even find himself facing criminal charges. He should do the GOP (and himself) a favor and drop out of the race immediately. (Read More…)

Dems continue to give Biden pass on groping.

In the age of Weinstein, we need to talk about Joe Biden. There is a plethora of video evidence exposing “Creepy Uncle Joe” for just what he is — a serial sexual harasser.

Of course the left refuses to acknowledge it — he’s getting the same free pass that Bill Clinton received. Biden was one of the most vocal critics of President Trump when the “locker room talk” video was released. It gives credence to the old saying: “He who condemns the loudest has the most to hide.” (Watch Here…)

Kevin Spacey may face criminal charges for assaulting teen.

Kevin Spacey’s sordid past appears to be coming back to haunt him. Former TV anchor Heather Unruh alleges that Spacey sexually assaulted her son after getting him drunk last year. Unruh and her son are meeting the Cape Islands district attorney to discuss the allegations.

So far, 15 victims have accused Spacey of sexual assault. Spacey has done irreparable damage to his victims. It is time for him to be brought to justice for his evil actions. (Read More…)

Despite checkered past, McCain calls for Moore to step down.

Republicans are abandoning support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Senator John McCain was one of the first to call for Moore to “immediately step aside,” calling his accusations “disqualifying.” But McCain himself has some ugliness in his past.

In 2008, McCain was accused of sexual misconduct with lobbyist Vicki Iseman, who was 30 years younger than him. That’s not the only problematic part of his history; while married to his now ex-wife, he was having an affair with his current wife.

Instead of dropping out of the race like he is calling for Moore to do, he stayed the course and fought the allegations.  Of course, the allegations against Moore are more serious than those against McCain were. But on this particular type of scandal, I’m not interested in hearing the thoughts of an unrepentant man with a history of moral failures. Sometimes silence is golden. (Read More…)

Media forced to acknowledge Bill Clinton’s victims.

It’s coming two decades late, but former President and sexual predator Bill Clinton is finally taking some heat for his loathsome behavior. A short recap: He used his power to have an affair with an intern, was accused of violently raping a campaign volunteer, and sexually assaulted many other women.

At the time, his victims were discredited, shamed, and silence, but times have changed. Now, his victims may finally see some vindication.

Just last October, the women of “The View” referred to Clinton’s accusers as “tramps.” I wonder what they would say now? It’s time for Bill to pay for all of the hurt he has caused so many for so long.  (Read More…)

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