CRIMINAL CHARGES – Shock Announcement Rocks D.C.

Criminal charges were just announced. The corridors of power in Washington, DC, are in shock — the anti-Trump mainstream media has been exposed once again.

Writing for Breitbart, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton claimed that the Associated Press’s “dealings with anti-Trump partisans in the Justice Department does nothing to improve our perception of the news service.”

“We have released two sets of heavily redacted FBI documents,” continued Fitton. According to him, they reveal a meeting between the DOJ, FBI, and AP reporters in which the reporters “pushed for criminal prosecution of Manafort.”

Fitton’s piece includes a massive dump of information, with some especially stunning tidbits. “AP believes Manafort is in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” read part of the FBI notes.

“AP asked about the U.S. government charging Manafort … for lying to government officials,” continued the notes. The FBI and DOJ were also asked if they interviewed Manafort, but both agencies had “no comment” on either question.

This is just a small sample of what Judicial Watch has uncovered. Fitton went on to claim that this is evidence of “corrupt collusion” and “strengthens the widespread belief that the media are in league with the anti-Trumpers.”

Read the full story here.

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