Criminal Charges – Ilhan Omar Facing Jail Time…

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) could be facing jail time. Calls for her to be investigated are becoming too much to be ignored. Are criminal charges just around the corner?

A group of Minnesota legislators — all of them Republican — held a press conference in which they asked the “federal Internal Revenue Service and the Minnesota Department of Revenue to review the tax filings” of Rep. Omar.

“We are making this request on three direct grounds. First, Representative Omar improperly and deliberately filed for a tax status for which she was not qualified,” said one of the legislators.

“The campaign finance board exposed crystal-clear probable cause for a tax fraud or tax evasion investigation when they discovered that Representative Omar filed as ‘married’ and ‘filing jointly’ with Mr. Ahmed Hirsi,” he continued.

However, the legislator noted, Omar was “legally married to Mr. Ahmed Elmi” at the time. This is clearly fraud — an intentional move by Omar to claim a tax status she wasn’t entitled to in order to game the system.

These Minnesota legislators should be applauded. They have brought to light an issue that deserves the attention of every American, regardless of political party. Omar must be held accountable.

See the full story here.

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