Criminal Charges – Barack Obama Just Received Notice

Former President Barack Obama just received notice about a major investigation and criminal charges. It is time for his administration to be held accountable for this treachery.

In a stunning move, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is going after the Obama Administration over who illegally leaked then-National Security Adviser Mike Fynn’s intercepted communications to the press. The one responsible is facing serious federal charges, including prison time.

Reporter Paul Sperry broke the news, tweeting, “IG Horowitz is investigating who in the Obama administration criminally leaked classified Flynn intercepts to David Ignatius at the Washington Post.” You can almost hear the panic and wailing of establishment Democrats.

The already fractured party would not be able to withstand the scandal. Not only would this be a PR nightmare for the Democratic Party, but one or more of their partisan hacks would be behind bars.

U.S. law says, “Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person … any classified information … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

Democrats must’ve thought that President Trump and his administration were just going to stay quiet once the Mueller witchhunt ended, however, it looks like they’re about to get the justice they’ve always deserved instead.

Read the full story here.

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