Fired FBI director James Comey said he is “not worried about a single thing” regarding the criminal investigation into the origins of the Trump Russia collusion probe and that the DOJ should investigate the probe so that it can tell the country there was no wrongdoing.

“If there’s a reason to investigate something, you shut up and try to gather the facts and then share them,” Comey said while appearing at Politicon 2019 on Friday, adding that he respects John Durham as an “excellent prosecutor.”

“I would hope that Mr. Durham would do everything possible to protect his reputation from being damaged by those in leadership and the most important way he can do that is, is give us transparency,” Comey said.

You mean like House Democrats are giving the country transparency in the impeachment inquiry? Oh, the irony, that anyone on that side would ask for transparency while House Democrats are keeping everything about impeachment behind closed doors.

Comey should have been prosecuted once before, but the DOJ gave him a pass. Let’s hope he gets justice this time around.

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