Criminal Announcement – Maxine Waters Has Been…

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters thinks she’s found the key to destroying President Trump — and its name is Deutsche Bank.

On Friday, Waters announced that Deutsche Bank had agreed to cooperate with the House Financial Services Committee’s investigation into Trump’s finances.

“We started sending letters to Deutsche Bank last year, and they were not responsive,” Waters said. “But now that I am chairing that committee, the Democrats are in charge of the House, they have said they will cooperate.”

Waters is particularly intersted in Deutsche Bank’s alleged reputation for money laundering, which she hopes will tie Trump to Russia.

The bank was recently dragged through the mud during Michael Cohen’s testimony, in which he repeatedly cited Deutsche Bank by name while criticizing Trump’s allegedly deceitful business dealings.

However, the real story here may be the amazing amount of time and resources Democrats are willing to expend in their never-ending, and most likely futile, witch hunt against Trump.

Read the full story here.

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