BREAKING: Joe Biden Collapse Shocks Onlookers – COVID To Blame…

Very few politicians have had the fall from grace that Joe Biden has.

From winning the election in 2020, to barely being able to find any support at all after his first year in office.

His strongest issue early on was how he promised to take care of COVID, promising to beat it within a few months of taking office. At this point, it’s safe to say that hasn’t happened.

What used to be his best topic is now one of his worst, and his approval rating is paying for it.

Sleepy Joe is an incredible 18 points underwater on the issue of his handling of COVID. Public approval sits at just 39%, compared to 57% who disapprove.

Biden is also underwater on the issue of masks. No kidding, he loves them despite the rest of America saying they need to go. In fact, just last week, Biden chastised some members of his own party for lifting mask regulations in his state. Biden declared the move “premature.”

He must have thought they were talking about his withdrawal from Afghanistan…

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