BREAKING: Conronavirus Treatment REVERSAL Bombshell [Details]

In a huge victory for Americans who aren’t racist, Minnesota has decided to remove skin color as a factor when deciding which COVID patients will receive monoclonal antibody treatments.

The Star Tribune first reported the news on January 13, noting that the decision is quite the change from Minnesota’s July decision to consider it “ethically appropriate to prioritize racial minorities for antibody infusions.”

Clearly, it is not ethically appropriate to hand out life-saving medication based on what skin color the patient has. It’s weird that such a concept would even have to be explained to liberals.

Now, Minnesota has completely changed their policy from July and added this to the list of “What allocation decisions should not consider or be based upon:”

Race; ethnicity; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation or preference; religion; citizenship or immigration status; or socioeconomic status (this does not limit consideration of factors that data indicate are associated with heightened risks of progression to severe COVID-19 when assessing individual patient prognosis).

Now, Minnesota and Utah are facing the possibility of lawsuits because of how the distributed medicine in the past.

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