BREAKING: Hospital Reveals Coronavirus Truth – Joe Biden FURIOUS…

When New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, revealed the exact severity of COVID in New York State, it surely wasn’t as bad as Biden had hoped it would be.

Biden, who needs COVID to seem as deadly as possible in order to pull back some of his waning power from the American public, got the exact opposite news from Hochul.

“Half of the hospitalizations in New York City are someone who needs to be there because of the severity of their COVID situation and the other half are there for other reasons.”

The facts forced Hochul to confirm what we’ve been saying all along. COVID is NOT worth the complete government takeover liberals want to get out of it.

Do we wish anyone come down with COVID? No, of course not. But suggesting that this is some sort of Bubonic Plague when half of the people in the hospital diagnosed with it were there for OTHER reasons.

Think about that for a second. You are just as likely to be diagnosed with COVID after going into the hospital for some other problem than you are to have to go to the hospital BECAUSE of COVID.

Biden and Fauci need to back off. Hochul practically said it herself.

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