Court Says ‘YES’… Pelosi Running For Cover

The court said ‘yes’ and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is running for cover. She doesn’t want to face the facts in this case — it doesn’t fit her liberal narrative.

According to reports, local authorities in Montgomery County, Maryland, released an illegal immigrant after he was arrested on charges related to allegedly raping a young girl. ICE quickly placed a detainer on him, but he was still let go after posting bail.

An El Salvador native, Rodrigo Castro-Montejo was already in the United States illegally — and you would think that after being arrested over such a heinous crime, that would be the end of it and he’d face justice.

However, Montgomery County is a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. County Executive Marc Elrich signed an executive order called “The Promoting Community Trust Executive Order,” which makes working with ICE extremely difficult.

So, as a result, Castro-Montejo was allowed to walk out of the county detention center after posting bail and is roaming free in public for now. It is a sad state of affairs, and it is the kind of “compassion” open-borders liberals want.

Of course, it is false compassion. They would rather let an alleged rapist of an 11-year-old girl go free than allow justice to be served. Liberals care more about their own political agenda than protecting the American people.

Read the full story here.

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