Court Says ‘NO’ – Trump Is Stunned – It’s Over

The court just said ‘no’ and President Trump is stunned. This could be yet another example of judicial activism, and now Republicans have to go back to the drawing board.

North Carolina’s legislature — which enjoys a GOP majority — has been ordered by the Wake County Superior Court to redraw district maps “within two weeks.” The court ruled that the legislative districts are “unconstitutionally too-partisan.”

Senate President Phil Berger (R-Rockingham said, “This case is the next step in Eric Holder’s drive to use judges to create a Democratic majority.” Holder is allied with Common Cause, the far-left group that brought the lawsuit.

Berger continued: “We disagree with the court’s ruling as it contradicts the Constitution and binding legal precedent, but we intend to respect the court’s decision and finally put this decisive battle behind us.”

Berger concluded by saying that Republicans would “follow the court’s instruction” and redrew North Carolina’s legislative districts, though he is understandly doing it under much protest.

But this is what Democrats do: When they can’t win elections, they turn to liberal judges to carry out their bidding. One can be sure that anything Eric Holder is involved in cannot be trusted as legitimate, fair, or honest.

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