SICKENING: Photo Of What Biden Allegedly Left In Afghanistan Sends Country Into Fury

Recently, it circulated on social media that Joe Biden had left behind crates and crates of American service dogs in Afghanistan after pulling out his media.

However, recent reports have come out from various sources disputing the claim that the dogs belong to the United States Military.

Regardless, if a fake photo of dogs in Afghanistan is what it took for people to realize that there are still 200 American HUMAN BEINGS trapped in Afghanistan, then so be it.

Joe Biden is NOT taking care of the American citizens trapped in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan, and his team is doing everything they can to hide that fact from you.

While dogs and equipment are important to not let the Taliban take possession of, human life needs to be the number one priority of this administration.

The simple fact is that it isn’t.

And that’s the problem Americans are sick over.

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3 Responses

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  2. Anybody care to venture a guess just how much the biden family syndicate pocketed on that $85 billion of weaponry? Seriously. Do you buy that all the ‘accidents weren’t planned deals?
    Right, just happened to leave them behind and ORDERED THEY NOT BE DESTROYED OR DISABLED.

    WHERE’S HUNTER? Doing his BLOW art?
    Cutting more deals.

    1. You are right !! No accidents here, but planned deals. China will move in and be the Taliban’s new friend with all the military equipment and all the minerals and lithium. I think this was Biden’s way of paying back his butt-Buddy the CCP. Also, most people in those first planes were not US citizens or allies; there were non-vetted, Covid-19 waived unknown Afghans; otherwise known as new DemoRAT voters for Biden. I feel this was his plan all along. Close the airbase first, move out the last of the troops, and then chaos starts so must hurriedly fly people out with no plan in dangerous conditions.
      So it all worked out for Joey, now he’s on vacation again. He needs a nap or several.
      Also, he can visit (plot) with Obama with no one being the wiser.

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