Cory Booker Falls – Caught Him On Hot Mic

Democrats can’t help but embrace their anti-Americanism — it’s just a matter of time before it comes out. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey is the latest Democrat to show his true feelings about our country.

In a ‘hot mic’ moment he likely now wishes wasn’t going viral, Senator Booker, a recently announced presidential candidate, says America “is not necessarily the top country if you’re going to be born poor to get out.”

According to Booker, America was once a place where “we were expanding middle class at a rate that was creating opportunity,” but this is no longer the case in his view.

“But now, if you’re going to be born on the planet Earth, the United States of America is not going to be that necessarily, if you’re just looking to get out of poverty,” he continued.

Booker never elaborates on how America changed, and it makes one wonder if he’s just throwing out red meat to his anti-Trump base. Remember: According to liberals, our nation is somehow continuing to get worse.

Of course, when there’s a Democrat like Barack Obama as president, Booker and other leftists pretend like all the problems have been solved through wishful thinking. They refuse to give Trump credit for actually growing jobs and opportunity.

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