BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Reckless Corruption – Voters Stunned…

The “Feckless and Reckless Agenda.” According to Scott Presler, that would be an appropriate name for the Biden administration.

Presler is a grassroots conservative activist, and recently spoke with Breitbart News.

“Every aspect of our lives” is being impacted by the “feckless and reckless agenda” of Joe Biden, Presler began. “You go to the gas pump. It’s higher than it was a year ago under President Trump. You turn on the TV. They’re talking about war with Russia when we had peace in the Middle East — we had peace in Europe under President Trump. You go to the supermarket — all the cost of meat and foods are up.”

“You can’t live daily life now without experiencing the catastrophe of what it’s like living under the Joe Biden agenda.”

According to Presler, these are the things the Biden administration fails to get right: the things people actually care about. Common sense is being neglected in Biden’s America for the sake of some grandiose socialist plan. What if we got back to the basics and made sure gas was affordable, our schools provided proper educations, and the Bill of Rights was honored.

You know, the types of things that makes America the greatest country in the world? The types of things normal people see every day.

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