Controversial Trump Plan Revealed

Much of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency was based on the twin pillars of immigration and security. President Trump has made many changes to the immigration system already, including implementing a travel ban from at-risk countries. He’s also announced plans to repeal the diversity lottery program (which brought at least 3 recent terrorists to America). The administration is reportedly looking into construction plans for the border wall. Now we’re learning about another quiet change that the Trump administration has been working on.

The Trump Department of Labor is now reportedly slowing down the creation of low-skilled “EB-3” green cards. This program allows cheap laborers into the country to work jobs for which “qualified workers” are supposedly unavailable.

Trump knows that if Americans are given a chance to work these jobs, they just might do it. And maybe the wages of American workers will go up as well. (Read More…)

John McCain voices his support for Donald Trump’s stand against Iranian tyranny

When two very different Republicans are in agreement, it’s probably for a good reason. That’s certainly the case here. Recently, Sen. John McCain and President Trump have both tweeted out support for the protesters in Iran.

Trump delivered a handful of hard-hitting tweets over the last few days, supporting protesters who have been demonstrating against the tyranny of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini. John McCain also tweeted his support for the Iranian people along with the President.

McCain said, “The U.S. stands with the brave protesters who yearn for freedom, peace, and an end to corruption in Iran.” This time, he’s right. (Read More…)

Erica Garner, liberal activist daughter of Eric Garner, dies suddenly

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, the New York man who died in 2014 after an altercation with a police officer, died Saturday.

Garner’s story is well known. When a convenience store owner called the police to have him removed from outside of his business, an officer arrived and told Garner to leave. Garner refused and was placed under arrest. The officer then attempted to subdue him, forcing Garner into a hold. Garner was in the hold for only about 15 seconds, and perhaps due to his asthma and obesity, was asphyxiated and died. The event sparked protests and stoked racial tensions throughout the nation.

Erica Garner became an important figure in the Black Lives Matter movement after her father’s death. Apparently, Erica also suffers from asthma. She suffered an attack Saturday and a subsequent cardiac event. Erica passed away at the age of 27. (Read More…)

GOP congressman says McCabe should face criminal contempt charges if he doesn’t comply

Congressman Francis Rooney of Florida doesn’t mess around. In an interview on Fox News recently, he said that controversial FBI heavyweight Andrew McCabe should be forced to comply with the subpoena delivered by the House Intelligence Committee relating to the FBI’s investigation into Russian collusion.

We all know that the Russian collusion story was sketchy from the beginning, and so did the FBI and DOJ members engaged in the investigation. It’s likely that the documents they’re refusing to produce prove just that.

McCabe and company can only shuffle their feet for so long before it catches up with them. If Rooney has his way, they’ll face contempt charges and possible criminal penalties. (Read More…)

President Trump responds to Obama’s apparent criticism from foreign soil

Former President Obama can’t seem to step back and just enjoy retirement. On top of leaving the U.S. in an economic hole, our foreign policy in shambles, and our enemies emboldened, he still thinks it’s appropriate to throw barbs at President Trump. In a recent BBC interview with Prince Harry, Obama slipped in a thinly veiled criticism against Donald Trump for his use of Twitter to disseminate messages to the American people. Trump just hit back.

Trump said that he has to use Twitter because the media is stacked against him. Obama wouldn’t understand this, as the media was generally in lockstep with him. A Harvard study confirmed that Trump experiences three times more negative coverage than Obama did. Once again, it looks like Trump is right on this one. (Read More…)

Lindsey Graham makes ‘disturbed’ announcement about fake Trump dossier – crime uncovered?

Sen. Graham says that he’s learned something incredibly important. He believes that the Trump-Russia dossier was used by the FBI and DOJ during Obama’s tenure to justify a FISA warrant.

The warrant permitted the government to essentially spy on the Trump election team based on unsubstantiated allegations.

Graham has called for an investigation into the dossier and how it was used. And frankly, it’s about time that someone starts listening. Maybe Attorney General Jeff Sessions should appoint a second Special Counsel and get this investigation moving. (Read More…)

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