BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED In Border Scandal – Congress To Take Action…

Mark Kelly is a Democrat, he just happens to live in the border state of Arizona.

He’s proof that Washington D.C. liberals don’t care about their friends, their voters, or anything other than gaining more power and lining their pockets.

You see, Kelly may be a Democrat, but because he lives in a border state, he sees first hand just how important our national security is. This means that his view on illegal immigration is quite different than the fat cats in D.C. who never have to deal with it.

Kelly serves in a state that the illegal immigrants land in.

He’s the one that has to deal with them, not Joe Biden.

So it’s not surprising that Mark Kelly’s message that letting so many illegals into our country is unsustainable is not resonating with Democrats.

They don’t care what happens to his state, they care about getting more voters into America.

Since liberals are the ones letting them in, the least the illegal immigrants can do is pay them back with a vote?

That’s their logic, and Mark Kelly is tired of it.

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