BREAKING: Congress Shocked By DEATH Notice – Confirmed…

Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, recently stopped by Fox News and made the official announcement that Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda was DEAD.

Cassidy is one of many Senators to oppose the bill, a distinction he most notably shares with Democrat Joe Manchin.

Manchin recently told reporters he had not spoken with any of his Democrat colleagues about reaching a deal on the massive spending plan. Probably because America doesn’t want a deal to be made.

“What Build Back Better bill?” Manchin replied when asked about the bill. “I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

Obviously Manchin DOES know what the reporter was talking about, this is what politicians like to call “being sarcastic.”

Cassidy echoed Manchin’s statement and heaped praise upon the Dem for standing up to the liberal machine.

“Well, the fact that they haven’t talked to Manchin means that they are not serious about it, with inflation raging at 40-year highs and then attempting to pump trillions more to make inflation worse, it better be dead. So, I think it is good that it is dead. I think there’s better policies that can achieve better ends that don’t drive up inflation.”

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