Congress Rocked… Shock Video Stuns The Nation

Congress was just rocked. A shocking video has stunned the entire nation and Democrats are trying to cover it up. We cannot let them get away with this anti-American move.

During a hearing of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) claimed that our brave border patrol agents have “an empathy deficit,” especially for children who are brought over the border by no fault of their own.

But Rep. Jim Jordan shut him down immediately by pointing to a photo of a border patrol agent tending to a young child that looked no younger than 4-years-old. “Does that look like a deficit of empathy there?” said Jordan.

“That’s the kind of stuff that happens every day on the border, doesn’t it?” Jordan continued. Then acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan chimed in as well.

“I just wonder why would an agency if they have a deficiency of empathy, create a Border Search Trauma and Rescue team to try to protect people that are making this dangerous crossing and make over 4,000 rescues a year?” said McAleenan.

These border patrol agents “on their own time” became “emergency medical technicians so they can help people in dangerous conditions,” McAleenan continued, completely shutting Cummings down.

See the full story here.

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