BREAKING: Joe Biden GUILTY Party Behind Coronavirus Secret Scandal – Nation Stunned

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, recently asked for unanimous consent to pass his bill that ends forced masking in schools.

The reason Cotton is getting fussy, is that he and other Republicans have been calling for these awful mandates to be removed since day one, while Democrats have just started getting on board. Previously, states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut required all children in their state to mask up.

Now, seemingly all at once, the Democrats are changing their mine.

The reason why? According to Cotton: “The science hasn’t changed. There’s an election coming.”

That’s right, Democrats don’t want to give Cotton the credit for ending the mask mandates even though he’s been calling for it since before most of them were elected. They want to look good in the eyes of voters, so they are pretending that they care about the freedoms of voters until the midterms are over.

If you know anything about liberals, this shouldn’t surprise you. Even though their reason for doing it sure is evil, maybe we’ll have to look at the silver lining here and just be thankful the mandates are leaving.

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