BREAKING: Russian Attack BOMBSHELL – Congress On High Alert

Senator John Kennedy stopped by Fox News recently, and he’s not happy.

“You mentioned Russia, here’s what we need to do with Russia: President Biden told Putin to stop the cyberattacks. The cyberattacks have continued.”

Kennedy argued that as a result, Joe Biden should blast Russia with a “serious” cyberattack in retaliation.

“He needs to hit Putin with a serious cyberattack. Two wrongs don’t make it right, but they do make it even. Number two, he needs to — he meaning President Biden needs to reimpose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2.”

In other words: Don’t Tread On Us.

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  4. Biden and his administration doesn’t have the “where with all” to stand up for the American people !!! What basement is he going to hide out in this time ??? America is getting shattered by this administration – when are real Americans going to put a stop to this debacle and lack of leadership ???

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