CONFIRMED: War Is Official – Trump’s Fight Is Now…

A prominent Republican candidate for Congress said that the country is fighting a “spiritual war” and that he believed America would see a “rebirth” if President Donald Trump is re-elected and Republicans win a majority in the House.

Burgess Owens, who is running for a seat in Utah that would unseat freshman Democrat Ben McAdams in the fourth district, made the comments on Breitbart News Saturday.

“At stake right now, we are fighting for the heart and soul of our nation. And I think it’s more evident today that we have an ideology that is way against our country’s values,” Owens said to host Matthew Boyle.

He said that his seat was a must-win for Republicans, who need to flip 17 seats to regain the majority. At least 30 seats are vulnerable after Trump won them in 2016, then they were flipped to Democrat in the 2018 midterms when Trump wasn’t on the ballot.

Owens said retaking the House would allow Trump to govern “without both hands tied behind his back” and that the U.S. would see a “true renaissance” in the next four years if both occurred.

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