CONFIRMED: Trump Reversal Shocks Nation – Biden Will Be…

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden would likely reverse most of his predecessor’s foreign policy moves if he is elected in November. 

Initiatives like trade, terrorism, arms control and immigration would look radically different under a Biden presidency, and the differences would likely lead to a number of outcomes unfavorable to the U.S. as a whole.

Biden told reporters on Tuesday that he knows “how to get things done internationally,” but if that means a push toward globalism, the U.S. will end up weakened rather than strengthened as it has been under President Donald Trump’s “America first” policy.

Maybe he’ll do another apology tour like Obama did, and give foreign leaders the impression that they can walk all over Biden just like they did Obama.

“Joe Biden’s record of appeasement and globalism would be detrimental for American foreign policy and national security,” Trump said of Biden’s platform.

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