Confirmed: Trump Just Sent In The F-22s…

Trump is committed to peace, but he isn’t afraid to show Iran how strong we really are. In one such show of strength, Trump is sending in the F-22 raptors to warn Iran that we aren’t messing around.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Nearly a dozen Air Force F-22 stealth fighters have deployed to the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, part of a force buildup requested by U.S. Central Command in May in response to what it called heightened Iranian threats against American forces in the region.”

This is a good move, showing the Mullahs that we aren’t going anywhere. U.S. F-22’s are unparalleled in combat capability.

CNN reports:

“Defense analyst Peter Layton, a former Australian Air Force officer now with the Griffith Asia Institute, says the likely mission of the F-22s in the event of full-scale hostilities with Iran would be targeting Tehran’s surface-to-air missile batteries, especially the S-300 system, its best air defense.”

The Raptors would be used to eliminate Iran’s surface to air missiles and establish air superiority.

Iran can talk a tough game, but they won’t get the better of us if it comes to war. If Trump can continue to handle the situation as he has been, it won’t go that far.

Read the full story here.

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