Confirmed: Trump Enemy Headed To Jail – It’s Over

One of President Trump’s top enemies is finally heading to jail. It’s over for this treasonous double-crosser, and not a moment too soon. Justice at last.

Trump’s disgraced former attorney, Michael Cohen, is expected to report to prison on May 6 and will serve a total of three years. He’s made attempts through his legal representation to postpone his sentence, but such efforts have been fruitless.

Namely, Cohen’s attorneys have tried arguing that he’s too useful to congressional Democrats in their ongoing witchhunt against Trump. He’s needed to assist in reviewing “substantial trove of new information, documents, recordings, and other evidence,” they wrote.

So far, however, Cohen’s pleas have fallen on deaf ears, indicating that perhaps prosecutors and even key Democrats have concluded he’s no longer useful. But this won’t stop him from trying to make a deal up until the very moment he’s put behind bars.

But as Rudy Guiliani recently said on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ recently, “Cohen has already spilled his guts” and “he has nothing at all incriminating” on the president.

Cohen thought that by throwing his former boss under the bus he would get special treatment. This doesn’t seem to be the case at all, as he’s likely become one of the most despised figures on both sides of the political aisle.

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