BREAKING: Guilty Verdict Shocks Joe Biden – He’s To Blame…

The New York Times is not exactly known for being a fair and balanced publication. They’re liberal, they’re loud, and they’re not ashamed of it.

So when even THEY can’t stand what Biden is doing in office, you know he’s officially lost all of America.

Speaking on “PBS NewsHour,” NYT columnist David Brooks laid into Biden, almost sounding like a real American for a second.

According to him, the White House’s reaction to COVID has been “too little, too late,” blaming Biden for missing “a couple of months where we could have been, in theory, ramping up testing.”

“It is too little, too late. There was an interesting report in Vanity Fair magazine that, in October, a group of scientists came to the White House with a 10-page plan to get 730 million tests to Americans, families, hopefully by the holiday season, by right now and the White House didn’t pursue that. And, according to the article and other articles on the phenomenon, a lot of scientists think they were too vaccine-heavy, they just wanted to focus on vaccines. They thought vaccines were the best way to do it and they neglected a lot of the other tools we need. And, in one theory, they decided, if we let people have a lot of tests, they’ll try to test their way through the crisis without relying on the vaccines. I’d love to see any social science evidence that supports people really are — were thinking that way. But I do think it’s fair to say that it’s just hard to think as big as this problem is. And, at times, the administration has thought this big, but according to a lot of experts, at times, they’ve been thinking too small and too slow. And so we sort of missed a couple of months where we could have been, in theory, ramping up testing.”

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