CONFIRMED: They WERE Spying – US Discovers China Was…

Apple has discovered that the Chinese-owned TikTok app could have been spying on users by exploiting a vulnerability in a version of iOS firmware.

The breach allows the app to look at data copied to the phone’s clipboard, or at least it did before Apple installed a fix on June 23 that now notifies users if an app tries to access their clipboard.

TikTok also issued an update that will prevent the problem from occurring. A TikTok representative said that the glitch was an attempt to prevent spam on the app.

The app also claimed that the problem was due to an older version of Google Ads SDK, and that Google was actually the one with access to the information, rather than TikTok.

Breitbart reported that kids now spend as much time on TikTok as they do on YouTube.

Read the full story here.

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