Condoleezza Rice Has Enough – Announces On Live TV

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice just made an announcement on live television. She has had enough, and she’s taking a stand. The liberal media wasn’t prepared.

During an interview, NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie brazenly asked Rice if she thinks Russia elected Donald Trump. Then Rice proved, once again, why she is one of America’s most beloved and trusted leaders with an epic response.

Rice said, “I don’t think there’s any evidence of that. And, you know, I really don’t think that’s a good conversation to have.” She proceeded to mention how we shouldn’t downplay the choice the American people made.

“I think that really does devalue the people in Wisconsin and Michigan and others who decided to vote for President Trump,” she said to a stunned Guthrie. The NBC News anchor was clearly trying to goad Rice, and she wasn’t having any of it.

Rice’s takedown of Guthrie started with the following questions: “Do you think it’s possible that Russia’s election interference actually worked? It actually elected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?”

But Guthrie was no match for Rice’s blunt assessment. Rice also said that we need “to be responsive to some of the messages that were out there” from people, such as from those “who felt that they were disadvantaged by globalization.”

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