Comey Responds To Charges – His Life Is Ruined

Fired FBI Director James Comey attacked Attorney General William Barr in a tweet on Friday as Barr racheted up investigations into how the Trump-Russia collusion probe began. Comey accused Barr of being no more than a “spokesperson” for President Donald Trump and claimed that Barr “slimed” his own department by his actions.

It seems clear by this strong response that Comey is worried about what Barr’s investigation will find about the way information was obtained and the credibility of the sources used to launch the Mueller investigation. Barr has said that he believes law enforcement officials engaged in “spying” on the Trump campaign and administration, which Comey and others hotly deny.

Under intense scrutiny is a dossier of information that was used to obtain surveillance warrants for Trump and others close to him. Some now suspect the dossier came from Hillary’s campaign, which if true, could lead to charges against Comey and others.

Comey’s tweet came after information was released that Barr has appointed special prosecutor John Durham to investigate the time period between Election Day and Inauguration Day, looking into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe by Mueller, according to Fox News.

Barr has not said that there was any definite wrongdoing by anyone involved in the probe, but said that an investigation is needed to see if any laws were broken.

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