Comey INTERROGATION Alert – Oh My Gosh

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said Tuesday that Former FBI Director James Comey shouldn’t rest easy just yet when it comes to the Justice Department’s investigation into how the President Donald Trump-Russia investigation got started.

Nunes told Fox News host Sandra Smith that the evidence being released from the investigation so far seemed to suggest a large amount of evidence that Comey may have conspired with others in the FBI to question Trump without going through proper channels.

If evidence supports Nunes’ allegations, Comey could be charged with conspiracy for conducting secret investigations and having ulterior motives for questioning Trump and others in his investigation.

Attorney General William Barr has declined to prosecute Comey for leaking classified information to the press and violating FBI policies as he investigated Trump and pushed for a special prosecutor to be appointed.

Now, it appears that Barr may have been waiting until all the information comes out in order to charge Comey with conspiracy–a much more serious charge and one with more evidence behind it.

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