Comey Indictment Notice – Eyewitness Confirms It…

Former FBI Director James Comey just received a stunning notice. An eyewitness has confirmed his guilt, and an indictment could be looming.

In a stunning turn of events, Loretta Lynch, who served as Obama’s attorney general from 2015 to 2017, has disputed a key claim of Comey’s about the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

As we know, Comey claims that he received instructions to call the investigation a “matter,” but Lynch revealed that she never told Comey to use “specific phraseology” to frame the investigation into Clinton.

Her comments are central to a set of transcripts just released from a House Intelligence Committee meeting last. Upon receiving a referral to open the investigation, she said she was “looking at the matter,” but that’s it.

We now two have testimonies that contradict one another, with Lynch pushing back on Comey’s insistence that he was told to essentially downplay the Clinton email probe by calling it a “matter.”

Republicans in Congress need to seize upon this opportunity immediately and demand that Comey provide an explanation. If he lied, he could be in serious legal trouble and face criminal charges.

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