Comey Indictment Alert – He’s Being Ordered To…

Washington is reeling after an indictment alert dropped about former FBI Director James Comey. A stunning order was just made, and fireworks could soon begin on Capitol Hill.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed to One America News Network (OAN) that he wants Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify on Comey’s conduct. This would give Republicans a chance to press Horowitz in a couple of ways.

Horowitz would be asked about his recommendations concerning Comey. He would also field questions about why Comey wasn’t indicted — yet. “This was done last year when Mr. Horowitz did his report on Andy McCabe,” noted Jordan.

He continued: “We just think it’s appropriate that the same thing happen here, particularly in light of how damaging the information was about Mr. Comey and what he did regarding leaking information and his conduct in the Trump-Russia investigation.”

Jordan is reportedly pressing Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) to call Horowitz forward as soon as possible. Cummings chairs the influential House Oversight Committee, which oversees activity by inspector generals.

Jordan also commented on Comey’s shaky legal future. “Attorney General Barr, he had said he’s not going to prosecute Mr. Comey now, but we’ll see. There’s another report coming from Mr. Horowitz … we’ll see what happens then,” he said.

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