Comey Gets CRIMINAL Warning – They’re ‘Coming For You’

Former FBI Director James Comey just received a criminal warning. A high-ranking Republican has predicted that they’re coming for Comey, and there’s nothing that can stop it from happening.

“God and history will be all of our judges, but they will judge Jim Comey based on the fact that he got dinged on both of the major investigations he was handling in 2016 by the inspector general,” said former Congressman Trey Gowdy.

“That will be the accountability, and that’s what history will remember about Jim Comey,” continued the South Carolina politician in his blunt assessment of Comey’s waning fortunes.

Gowdy rightly noted that Comey’s trail of scandal is just too long. From refusing to prosecute Hillary Clinton to his involvement in the Trump witch-hunt, Comey can’t escape justice for his actions.

As Attorney General William Barr continues to ramp up his investigation into the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe — specifically how it all started — Comey must be shaking in his boots.

Luck, it would seem, has run out for the former FBI director. Gowdy knows it. Republicans know it. Americans know it and want accountability.

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