Comey Charges REVERSAL – Media Stunned

There was just a major reversal on charges for former FBI Director James Comey. The mainstream media is stunned, and Comey is freaking out. He never expected it to go this far.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s office — upon concluding his investigation into Comey’s handling of sensitive and classified documents — “provided its factual findings” to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a “prosecutorial decision.”

The DOJ has “declined prosecution” at this time, however, Horowitz’s office also provided his report to “the FBI and to the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility for action they deem appropriate,” meaning he still faces ethics charges.

Furthermore, the overall investigation into the origins of the witch-hunt against President Trump is far from over. We could be about to see a stunning reversal of Comey’s fortunes if the DOJ indicts over the improper use of FISA warrants.

To recap, in order to justify spying on the Trump campaign, it is being strongly alleged that the FBI left out crucial information from their warrant request to the FISA court — information that would’ve made it nearly impossible to get a warrant.

There’s no telling how deep this rabbit hole could go. So, while Comey has avoided criminal prosecution for now, his potential ethics violations and the FISA warrant controversy will continue to haunt him for months.

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