James Comey caught red-handed

It’s been a pretty incredible weekend so far. Friday started off strong with the FISA memo’s release. The memo seems to be largely accurate and it’s worth noting that this is the first time any major government official, agency, or even media outlet, has attempted to release actual documentation of this Russian investigation mess. Which is to say that the Republicans under Rep. Nunes have actually stuck their necks out to deliver critical information to the American people.

One important discovery from the memo is that James Comey was one of the key players in the FBI’s investigation of Donald Trump and his campaign staff — and he signed three surveillance warrants based on the Steele Dossier.  That’s right, the dossier that Comey ended up admitting was “salacious and unverified” was apparently sufficient evidence for him to sign off on surveillance warrants.

Comey lied to the American public, lied under oath to Congress, worked to acquit a guilty Hillary Clinton, leaked information about meetings between himself and Trump to the press, and lent his name to the smear campaign against the President. He’s an utter embarrassment to the FBI and the country. (Read More…)

Attorneys in Russia investigation believe Mueller could indict Trump

Despite how damning the FISA Memo was for the FBI and DOJ, President Trump isn’t out of the woods yet. According to some of the attorneys who represent people involved in the Russia investigation, it’s possible that the President could be indicted for obstruction of justice. The attorneys in question believe that, although it would be unprecedented, Mueller is more likely than not to indict the President.

This would be one of the most contentious moves in American history. After what the FBI and DOJ did to ensure Hillary Clinton’s exoneration, there’s little doubt that a good portion of the American people wouldn’t take this well.

Especially since President Trump would essentially be indicted for asking Comey a question, and firing him later for being an incompetent partisan hack. Let’s hope Mueller thinks about this seriously before acting. (Read More…)

The FISA memo reveals how James Comey corrupted the FBI

One of the glaringly obvious revelations from the memo is just how terrible the FBI was under James Comey. You have Comey himself signing warrants based on the dossier, employees working to exonerate Clinton even though she had clearly broken the law, and an aimless leader at the top who did virtually nothing to keep the FBI on track.

Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker said that the FISA memo demonstrates “either incompetent or deliberate manipulation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court to get approval for the surveillance.” That sounds about right. Comey was either an incompetent leader or motivated by anti-Trump sentiment like many of his employees. (Read More…)

Bill O’Reilly’s cable comeback was a major flop

Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly was slated to make his big television comeback on NewsMax TV after President Trump’s first State of the Union address. NewsMax had some high expectations and believed that O’Reilly would deliver an audience.

Unfortunately for them, that didn’t happen. It turns out that the ratings were so low on O’Reilly’s special that the network didn’t even notice a bump from normal programming.

There’s no doubt that this is worrisome for O’Reilly — if he actually thought a comeback was on the horizon. In the end, there’s really little room left for the aging commentator on network TV — especially with sexual harassment charges hanging over him.

Think about Fox News’ lineup now: Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and up and coming stars like Jesse Watters. It’s a pretty solid group, and it doesn’t seem like O’Reilly’s commentary is missed. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton’s ‘apology’ reveals her big secret: She doesn’t care until she’s caught

Hillary Clinton is the prototypical DC swamp creature. She’s been there for decades, she’s corrupt, she’s wealthy without having earned it, and she is entirely unable to take responsibility for her failings.

Take the recent revelations about Burns Strider, the adviser who worked on her campaign and was apparently sexually harassing women on the staff. When his actions were brought to Hillary’s attention, she effectively did nothing and kept him on staff.

When she was finally forced to apologize, she did so in a half-hearted way by saying she would do things differently next time. What she didn’t say was “I’m sorry.” You know why Hillary wouldn’t apologize? She is a politician and a lawyer, and saying she’s sorry might imply some degree of guilt. And if there’s anything Hillary won’t admit, it’s that she’s guilty as sin. (Read More…)

Alaska Democrat lawmaker resigns after being accused of attacking woman

Another week, another misbehaving Democrat. This time it’s a House Representative from Alaska named Zach Fansler. He announced his resignation this week. Initially, Fansler denied the allegations made against him, but eventually text message evidence exposed his guilt.

Fansler’s victim has not been named, but she was a staffer of his. She says he started kissing her and making sexual advances that became violent.

She ended up escaping from the encounter and he later apologized via text messages: the ones that incriminated him in the end. The silver lining here is that in this case at least, a wrongdoer was held accountable for his actions. (Read More…)

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