Comey Breaks His Silence… Responds to Charges

Former FBI Director James Comey broke his public silence and responded to Congressman Mark Meadows’ charges against him.

James Comey has been particularly silent while investigations into his conduct have been proceeding. As a result, Rep. Meadows pointed out on Twitter that Comey has been remarkably quiet as of late — and hinted that it was because Comey himself is worried about the ongoing investigation into the abuse of surveillance processes under his watch.

However, Comey finally broke his silence in a very public fashion: a Twitter post.

When Meadows speculated on why Comey had said nothing, Comey tweeted back:

“I love transparency. I just wait for facts before I talk about them. I’m confident the results of all IG reports will show honest public servants worked hard to protect this country from a threat this president and his enablers won’t acknowledge. And @ me next time, bruh.”

Comey seems confident. But he probably shouldn’t be. Numerous details have emerged showing severe alleged misconduct before he had been fired by President Trump in 2017. Media reports indicate that a larger case may be building against Comey, and President Trump’s supporters would be very happy to see him indicted.

Trump and his supporters know the threat isn’t from a democratically elected president; it is from entrenched bureaucrats who refuse to give up power and are willing to overturn the results of an election — no matter what they have to do to make that happen.

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