Comey Arrest BOMBSHELL – White House Alerted

An arrest bombshell about former FBI Director James Comey just dropped. The White House has been alerted, and Washington is in an uproar. People are stunned.

Appearing on Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that Comey and others will be held accountable for their anti-Trump witch-hunt. “In the end, I do not believe that Jim Comey will get off,” he said.

“Anyone that has had any association with trying to create this coup should be held accountable,” he continued. McCarthy also noted that he expects to “see an indictment” for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Under discussion is an upcoming report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who has been actively investigating whether the FBI misled the FSA court to obtain a warrant to spy on then-Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

It is being alleged that the FBI left out crucial information that would’ve made it much more difficult to obtain the warrant. Many are rightly saying this would amount to a lie by omission.

McCarthy, it seems, is confident about the outcome. “We came the closest ever to this country having a coup, and now we need accountability,” he said. He also praised Attorney General William Barr who “believes in the rule of law.”

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