BREAKING: Cognitive Ability Announcement Stuns Nation – Family Says He’s Done…

Once one of the biggest stars on the planet, Bruce Willis is retiring from acting at the age of 67.

The decision comes after being diagnosed with aphasia and experiencing a significant decline in his acting skills and cognitive ability.

Problems began to be noticed in 2015, when Willis was suddenly pulled and replaced from Woody Allen’s 2015 movie “Cafe Society.”

At the same time he stepped away from that film, he was performing on Broadway in “Misery,” having to read his lines off of cue cards or fed into his ear by a helper.

Finally, his family has announced what’s been going on with him.

Go look at Willis’ filmography, a few years ago, he went from box-office star to churning out countless direct-to-video performances.

Now we know why:

The man who may have been the biggest action star in Hollywood at one point couldn’t cut it at the top anymore.

But it wasn’t his fault.

You can read his family’s announcement here:

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