CNN Star Confesses – Trump Is Grinning Ear to Ear

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell admitted during a “New Day” broadcast Saturday morning that Trump came out the big winner in the deal with Mexico to stave off tariffs and get help stopping the flow of illegal immigrants across the Mexican border, according to The Daily Caller.

CNN White House correspondent Sarah Westwood tried to position the story, saying that the White House would “frame this as a victory for President Trump.”

Blackwell then ruined the narrative by saying,“Now, there is the additional border enforcement and help in breaking up trafficking networks. The U.S. got almost everything it wanted from Mexico.”

Trump later tweeted that CNN and other media sources were putting out “fake” reports about the agreement, including some that claimed the deal had been made or mostly made months ago. Other sources questioned Trump’s assertion that Mexico would “buy large amounts of U.S. agricultural products” as part of the deal.

It’s fairly certain Blackwell’s comments were not included in Trump’s criticism, however. He got it right this time.

Read the full story here.

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