CNN OFF-AIR Announcement – It’s Over

CNN has been notoriously anti-Trump since before he even became president, but now the cable news channel has truly gone too far. This announcement means it’s over for them.

In a strikingly hypocritical move, CNN just made the decision not to air a Trump campaign commercial calling for the Bidens to be held accountable for their controversial dealings in Ukraine.

NBC News’ Claire Atkinson, carrying the water for CNN, claimed in a story that the ad has been “debunked” and even published a statement from a CNN spokesperson about the commercial.

The spokesperson said that the ad “does not meet our advertising standards.” Additionally, the statement took issue with how the ad is “disparaging to CNN and its journalists.”

But the Trump campaign’s communications director responded, “Our ad is entirely accurate and was reviewed by counsel, and CNN wouldn’t even describe to us what they found objectionable.”

As is typical, liberal news outlets will end up airing dishonest ads attacking Trump, but when Trump goes on the offensive, they virtue-signal about “advertising standards” to provide cover for their political bias.

Read the full story here.

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