BREAKING: GOP Congressman Drops Bombshell On CNN Reporter – Brilliant

A bit of a new hero within the GOP has started to rise recently, and his name is Byron Donalds. Representative Byron Donalds, to you.

Byron sat in a CNN interview, being patronized by the white reported who apparently knew more about what black people want than the black person on the program.

What was tricky about this situation was the fact that for a while now, liberals had been screaming that anyone white is a racist, and that black people are inherently better than white people. White people’s ideas, actions, and accomplishments were simply the results of slavery that the GOP is too dense to see.

Byron Donalds wasn’t having it.

A taste of you’re own medicine, CNN?

“Brianna Keilar tried to prove a point that she knows more about what Black voters want than I do, or frankly than anybody does. Or that Democrats somehow know more or that if you somehow supported Donald Trump… you’re aren’t allowed to speak for Black people and that’s the reason why you’re excluded.” Donalds said.

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