BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Admits Sleeping Arrangement With Bill – You Won’t Believe It

Keep in mind that the reporting here may not be entirely accurate, as the only source we have for this story is Hillary Clinton herself.

The Chicago Tribune reported in 1993 that Bill and Hillary Clinton maintained separate bedrooms while in the White House, which does not seem to corroborate the story that Hillary Clinton just told on her podcast.

On “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton,” the failed 2016 nominee was asked by a caller: “Were the beds in the White House comfortable? Thanks.”

Clinton responded: “They were very comfortable, and I have to tell you that the mattress in the White House was so comfortable that, you know, when we moved, since the White House would provide a new mattress for our successor, we said ‘Can we take the mattress with us?'”

“They said, ‘Sure,'” she continued. “‘We’re just going to throw it away otherwise.’ So, literally, we had that mattress for twenty years. In fact, we have just bought a new mattress. It was that comfortable for that long.”

Why would Hillary Clinton or her fans ever open her up for discussions about marriage and bedrooms? Hillary Clinton is arguably the biggest failure in world history at that topic, allowing her husband to be unfaithful in return for use of the powerful family name.

Weird she didn’t bring that up when talking about her sleeping situation…

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