Clinton Victim Comes Forward – Wow

The first time Juanita Broaddrick came forward with her shocking rape allegation against then-President Bill Clinton, the media demonized her.

Now in the #MeToo era, Broaddrick has come forward again — this time armed with a Twitter account and a video clip that many viewers believe suggests she may have been telling the truth all along.

In the video, Bill Clinton momentarily struggles to recover after a heckler interrupts him with the words, “You’re a rapist!” Clinton appears frazzled and, in many viewers’ estimation, guilt-ridden, as he responds with a nervous “oh yeah” followed by a hard swallow.

While interpretations of body language may be highly subjective, one thing is certain: This video, and the dark Clinton legacy it alludes to, pose a major problem for today’s Democratic party. The call to always believe rape accusers is a blade that cuts both ways — and recently seems to be doing most of its slicing and dicing on the left.

View the video here.

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