Clinton Family Secret Uncovered… Game Over

If there’s one thing the Clintons are good at, it’s knowing how to profit financially from their connections with the rich and powerful.

Recently, it was revealed that Chelsea Clinton earned over $600,000 in 2018 for serving on the boards of IAC and Expedia, though she was only required to attend a handful of meetings.

Since 2011, Chelsea has accumulated over $6.7 million in combined stock as a result of her lucrative positions with the two companies.

How did the daughter of Bill and Hillary gain access to all this easy money?

The answer may be Barry Diller, a billionaire businessman who is a good friend of the Clintons and who runs both Expedia and IAC.

Diller has become close with Chelsea as well as her parents over the past decade and is known to have donated over $400,000 to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Read the full story here.

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